This is the place where you can comment with anything you may have left behind at the Playhouse. If we have found your item, we will contact you privately.

Below is the current list of items that are sitting in our Lost and Found office.
To claim items currently on the list, please send an email to with a *detailed* description and approximate date left behind at the Playhouse.

XL Gray Merona camisole
Black/white “Are You Kitten Me” t-shirt
Burlington Coat Factory Bag w/corset, heels, sarong, etc.
Green rain coat
Gray hoodie
Green fringed infinity scarf
Black leather paddle
Green/white Adidas trainers
Wiffle ball bat
Copper colored hair clip
Green knit cardigan
Book mark
Note book: white/blue
Note book: black
Black leather blindfold
Small white cane
Black/clear umbrella
Black bag w/smaller bags inside
Black Champion Jacket
Flogger – nice one too!
Black shoulder strap w/flashlight
Black bib

As items are left, they will be added to the list.
As items are claimed, they will be deleted from the list.

Items will only be kept for 30 days. Any clothing items remaining after this time will be donated to a local charity. Any toys remaining will be given away or destroyed, depending on the item.

*Updated 5/13/2017*