Below is the current list of items that are sitting in our Lost and Found office.  To claim items currently on the list, please send an email to  with a *detailed* description of the item. Some identifiers to items are left off the list for this reason. 🙂

Black pants
Red/black shorts
Vet wrap
Black FILA Jacket
Black ear warmers
Car charger
Gray scarf
Plus size black pants
Lace mask
Blue charge cord
Crocheted black hat
Bow barrette
Flapper headband
Black crop
Burlington shopping bag
Gold wedges
Leather vest
Large gray sweater
Black sunglasses
XL Black jacket
Studded leather strap
Black mesh dress
Black cumberbund
Black rubber loop
Hair comb
Distinctly designed paddle
Black leather corset
Metal water bottle
Brown eye glasses
Black pleather short shorts
Fleece throw
Whiffle ball bat
Hemp (ish) rope
Black platform sandals
2 green handle thingys 🙂

Items will only be kept for 30 days. Any clothing items remaining after this time will be donated to a local charity. Any toys remaining will be given away or destroyed, depending on the item.

*Updated 3/31/2018*