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The Erotic Art of BTB & Fire Play

w/Orpheus Black!


This is a class that focuses on combining the elements of fire and earth in order to create a deeply erotic and heated exchange that blends both the passion and intensity of fire with the grounding nature of rope. This hands-on workshop will focus on the basics of Black Tie Bondage as well give students the basics of fire play.

Because this is such a complex subject, this one of a kind intensive will be broken down into two sections on Saturday, May 20.

Section 1: Black Tie Bondage or BTB.

– Orpheus and indigo black will do a brief yet detailed walk through tutorial on the ins and outs of BTB.

– Types Of Rope: What types of rope hold up best under heat, how to treat your rope, and prepping your rope for fire play.

– Safe anchors and inserts: The key to BTB is it’s implementation of an anchor which allows the sub to be released quickly and easily. Using a proper anchor or insert is essential to the process.

– Black Tie Bondage: We will walk students through basic Black Tie Bondage Techniques.

– Hands on practice: This work shop is all about hands on education so we have blocked out lots of time for attendees to work developing their skills.

Section 2 : The Erotic Art of Fire Play

This is a dangerous and exhilarating art form which is why Orpheus has devoted the entire day to it.

– Preparing the Sub: Easing fears, outlining safety protocols, negotiating safe words, phrases and gestures, cultivating the head space.

– Basic Fire Safety: Preparing private or public fire play scenes, checking tools, fuel storage and transportation, safety equipment and measures, treating burns.

– Technique: Types of torches, brushes, and their differences, review of basic torching methods and basic cupping, tips and tricks.

– Blending fire play and Bondage: Safely combining rope bondage and fire play; safely increasing the heat and intensity of the flame


The final part of the intensive will be a special Sunday (May 21) afternoon class :

The Diversity of Play

It’s hard for a person to derive a sense of self worth from being a dominant or submissive if they don’t know who they are both socially, culturally and sexually. As a community that is rooted in tolerance and acceptance we have to not only embrace the diverse range of beautiful bodies that add to the rich texture of our lascivious lifestyles, we also have to accept the vast cultural influences and narratives that accompany them.

This fun and light-hearted lecture will not only focus on how we as dominants and submissives can embrace our partners ethnicity, we will also talk about how adding a multicultural component can also enhance your play, diversify your protocols and rituals as well as add to the foundation of your relationship.

This is an event you won’t want to miss!

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Price is per person. Price includes the Friday, May 19, Nexus Play Party which features a Meet & Greet and rope performance. Lunch is provided on Saturday. Snacks, water, coffee and sodas are provided throughout the weekend as part of the intensive.