The next special event at the Playhouse is ….

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Panic! At The Playhouse NYE Party
Bring in 2018 with a scream (and a moan)!

December 31st, 8:00pm!

Hidden in a forgotten part of Baltimore lies a haunted dungeon full of perversions. This once calm warehouse has turned into a place of nightmares, kink, and orgasms.

On December 31st the doors will open and you will have your chance to join us for our Panic! At The Playhouse NYE Party.

You’re invited, but beware…

Thats right folks, we are going to be returning to Baltimore Playhouse for our third New Years Eve party in the space. Dress up and join us for a horror-themed kink party as we say a haunting farewell to 2017! Its not Friday the 13th, but its close enough. Can you survive until midnight? Or will you be another ghostly silhouette that will haunt the halls of the Playhouse for the rest of eternity?

Join a cross section of kinksters and other awesome folks from various sex-positive communities as we bring in the New Year in the East Coasts biggest dungeon space. The Baltimore Playhouse has a wide enough variety of dungeon furniture for any dark spirit. But New Year’s deserves to have more going on, so heres some of what we have planned:

Come dressed to impress! Were running a costume contest and will be presenting awards to the best dressed and the runner up! You’re going to have to put some sweat and tears into it, Buffalo Bill has been working on his costume all year.

It not a party without some music to set the atmosphere! We’ll have two DJs spinning and keeping the space hopping throughout the evening. First up is a TOF/ZAW favorite, the incredible DJ Diesel. This is the first year we’ve been lucky enough to get him for NYE, and if you haven’t experienced him, you’re in for a treat. Scared of the dark? No worries, Diesel will be providing party lighting while spinning your favorite beats. Following Diesel, Victor Yanamur is bringing his unique style of music to wrap up your new year’s celebration.

Five minutes before midnight we will be rolling out the big screen to watch the ball drop during our BOTTOMS UP SPANK DOWN to 2018. Well have cups of apple cider for toasting; leave the redrum at home Jack, this is a dry event.

A pinch, a poke, hold your breath… it wont hurt… much. What night of terrors isn’t complete without a little bloodshed! Are you ready for your skin to crawl? Miss Mo will be pulling out some sharps for a wicked needle demo.

After the party wraps up, why not stay and watch a movie? After all, what better way is there to avoid the hazardous NYE traffic than to cuddle in front of a big screen? We’ll bring the popcorn and candy! You bring a blanket, some pillows, and someone to snuggle with.

We cant wait to see you and bring in the New Year with a scream (and a moan)!!