Lash Out Loud

An educational skill share group focused on introducing whips to the novice as well as passing along knowledge to those who are more whip savvy. Through group discussion and open practice sessions we will take a journey as we discover whip techniques from sensual to sadistic. This is an all inclusive group welcoming tops and bottoms of all levels of whip knowledge. We meet once a month on the 4th Thursday at the Baltimore Playhouse. A 12,000sqft venue that allows space to swing. Our group follows the fundamentals set forth by R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). We encourage those who are experienced with whips to attend and share that experience as this is the best way that we all can learn, and get better.

Now.. Lets ask ourselves, when is the last time we truly had a Lash Out Loud moment? Whip perfection requires a lot of practice – this is your group! Plenty of space to practice and learn. Help teach others. Have a great time with your fellow whip enthusiasts!