Below is the current list of items that are sitting in our Lost and Found office.  To claim items currently on the list, please send an email to  with a *detailed* description of the item. Some identifiers to items are left off the list for this reason. 🙂

Gold tassel key chain
Pink tassel key chain
Star wars t-shirt
White sneakers w/socks
Papaya shirt
Gray hat
Cut off tights
Black tights
Gray vest
Black polo
Nike Zoom
Black teddy
Mesh crop top
Water bottle – blue
Chain leash
Yellow t-shirt
Wire glasses
Black frame glasses
Pink slapper
Black belt
Digital watch
Silver ring
Izod shirt
Purple teddy bear
White t-shirt
Brown t-shirt
Olive coat
Cooler bag – green
Off white bag
Bath towel
Leggings – LulaRoe
Black tank top
Dark red towel
Black blindfold
Swisstech jacket
Leather jacket w/scarf and pins
Morphe make up
Button up shirt
Silver brocade corset
Mesh body suit w/roses
Passport button up shirt
SSLR button up shirt
Lace skirt
Black chain
Red umbrella
Lion head
Black knife
Black lip gloss
Boxing glove
Flip flops
Wrist cuff
Black pants

Items will only be kept for 30 days. Any clothing items remaining after this time will be donated to a local charity. Any toys remaining will be given away or destroyed, depending on the item.

*Updated 8/13/2018*