Our first annual event will be May 18th, 2019!

Hours: 12pm – 5pm and 7pm – 2am

(vending closes at 10pm)

Cost: $10 – yes, that’s it!

Half the space will be filled with vendors, the other half open for play! Buy that new toy and then go use it immediately! Just want to play – that’s okay! Just want to shop – spend away!

Can’t make it that day? Come Friday night on the 17th to our Nexus party and shop a few of the vendors then! (Normal pricing applies to Friday evening party)


Special class at 7:30pm (sharp!) by Laura Antoniou!

(no play allowed during this class – besides, you really want to listen to her!)

Put The Porn Down: Finding Erotic and Relationship Inspiration in Geekdom!

The problem with porn as inspiration – says the porn author – is that characters have a ludicrous amount of stamina, an exceptionally low refractory period and oh, yeah, IT’S FICTION. So trying to live up to the stories will always be disappointing because NO REAL PEOPLE ARE DOING THOSE THINGS. 

However – IF you do find some inspiration from stories, AND you’re a big nerd/ geek then why limit yourself to smut? (Yes, even SF/ fantasy/ paranormal smut.) Just ten seconds on AO3 will clearly illustrate we geeks can imagine EVERYONE in genre works having sex, even when it would be physically impossible, illogical, illegal, unethical, trash, or OMG MY EYES MY SOUL. 

So it’s not the explicit sex. It’s what interests us to begin with, what catches our imagination and breath and then leads to sexy. Come ready to share the geeky inspiration for your fantasies and relationships. *No limits, no warnings, some discussion might be really offensive because that’s how I ship it.*

Confirmed Vendors:

The Dungeon Store

Gina’s Goodies

Ms. Martha’s Corsets

Queerly Made

Draw You Close


Soaring Eagle Creations

Designs by Warped Thoughts

Lusty Leather

Creative Kink

Fat Unicorn

The Woodsmithy

Foxy Feisty Redhead

Leather Passions

Cutting Edge


We’ll be announcing confirmed vendors as soon as possible! Keep up with all the announcements on our Facebook page!