Old West Bordello!

Check out our next special event! TheLovingOne and her posse (famous for their Sadism Sex Cult) are riding into town to give you that Old West Bordello feel!

More details HERE!

Snack bar updates!

Along with the spiffy new galaxy class snack bar, we’ve added the option to pay by credit card there as well! No need to carry cash at all anymore!

Don’t Miss Out!

Be sure you have subscribed to our mailing list. Every Monday, the week’s events are sent out to you, so you can keep up with all the fun times! As we despise spam as much as anyone, your info is *never* sold, traded, or in any way given to any one else.



Check it out!!

It is our pleasure to announce that Baltimore Playhouse now has a first floor, handicapped accessible bathroom available for use!!!

We are always looking to improve our space and reinvest into it!

In just the last 7 weeks we’ve added :

– New suspension frames
– New carpet on right side of space
– New epoxy flooring, paint and trim throughout our lobby area
– New epoxy flooring on steps to upstairs bathrooms & upstairs hallway
– New tile flooring in upstairs bathrooms
– New cabinets and lighting in medical area
– Brand new massage table
– Brand new, 5′ X 10′ (4″ thick) Throw Mat/ Tumble Mat
– Completely redone social areas with newly donated sofas and lounge chairs

And so much more that goes unseen!

And we’re not finished yet! In the next few weeks, we’ll have our :

– Brand new changing area completed
– Brand new mop sink closet
– Brand new, first floor shower!!!

All of which are partially completed and coming soon!!!

A very special thank you goes out to Miss Mo, Steve, Bernie, AKABrenda, Lady D, Icee, John, Robert S. and so many more!!!

Thank you!!!

Benefits of Contributorship!

We get asked a lot what the benefits are for being a Contributor, so here are your answers!

Contributors get into the club quicker – no waiver, no looking names up on a list, just flash your card, pay the entrance fee, and off to the dungeon with you!

Contributors get discounted admission – at least once a quarter, we have a Contributor night where you get in for half price!

Contributors get free parties – at least once a year, we hold a party that is free for all Contributors!

Contributors get discounted merchandise – we’re putting together a “store” of sorts where you can get Playhouse designed merchandise and Contributors get 20% off!

It’s Holiday Season!

We have a LOT of great holiday parties coming up, so don’t miss out on partying and playing with all your friends!

Saturday, Dec 4th: The Jingle Ball II

Saturday, Dec 10th: HotHouse presents Naughty or Nice (Fetlife page)

Saturday, Dec 17th: Studio58 presents The Deep End (Fetlife page)

Friday, Dec 23rd: Kinky Karaoke! (Fetlife page)

Dec 24th: CLOSED – Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Yule!

Friday, Dec 30th: FREE PARTY FOR CONTRIBUTORS! All current Contributors get in free and guests pay $20. (Fetlife page)

Saturday, Dec 31st: New Years Eve Party!

Save the Date!


We are having a HUGE Star Trek 50th Anniversary Party on September 10th!  There will be prizes for best “alien” costume, best Federation Officer costume, and a door raffle that everyone who attends can have a chance at!

There will be trivia questions asked at the door – you choose between easy or hard – that can get you a discount on admission!!

Visit Quark’s Bar for some free Klingon Blood Wine or Romulan Ale!


Did You Know?

We’re looking for a few good photos from our awesome community!

We are going to replace and update the photos on the website and would much prefer to have the beauty of our community shine through.  Anyone can submit a photo but must have permission from either a) the photographer and/or b) all subjects in the photo.  All photos must be a minimum of 300dpi and 1600 x 1200 pixels to ensure it’ll look good on the home slider!

There will be at least five photos chosen to publish on the site. Final decisions will be made by May 31st.  All photos *will* be credited on each slide.

Photographers submitting photos: You will be required to also submit the consent form of any/all subjects within the photograph.  No photos showing anyone’s likeness will be published without the subjects full written consent. These will be verified.

Disclaimer: All photos submitted that are not chosen will be deleted.




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