Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to have a Contributorship to attend an Contributor Only Night at the Playhouse?
Yes. We are a private club and they are a must by Maryland State Law. You can get a look beforehand by attending as a guest of a current contributor!
Do I need to be a Contributor to get into other parties?
Yes. Guests of Contributors must be on our list or they will not be allowed entry.
How do I become a Contributor?
If it is just for yourself, click here. If you are part of a couple, click here!
I’m new and want more infomation. How can I go about that?
We recommend attending our Kink First Contact night! It’s the only night we do not require Contributorship but you must be on the rsvp list!
What is the dress code?  
You must be “street legal” until you get past the black curtain in the lobby.  After that, wear anything or nothing at all!  Fetish best, jeans & t-shirt, favorite pj’s, etc. – we don’t care!
Where can I park?
There is parking in our own lot plus we have an additional lot for safe parking off of Parkman.  Please see the parking valet when you arrive. Please do NOT park on the side streets!
How much is it to attend a regular event at the Playhouse?
Regular events cost $20-$25, $10 for lifetime contributors, and $15 for guests of lifetime contributors.  Special Events may have a different price.
Is it cash only or do you take credit cards?
We take both cash and credit cards at the front door and the snack bar!
Where can I find more information about upcoming parties?
Please refer to Fetlife for more information. We only feature special events and ongoing, regular educational nights on the website.
Is the Playhouse handicap accessible?

Currently, the ramp to get into the space is not ADA compliant but our parking attendants can help anyone up the ramp. There is an ADA compliant bathroom on the first floor and everything else is openly accessible! Send us a message if you need parking – we are happy to save you a space in our main lot!

Are service dogs/animals allowed?
Of course! We want all those who need their service animals to be comfortable.
Are there food/drinks at the Playhouse?
Our snack bar has canned sodas, water, Gatorade, Monster, and Redbull to drink. There are chips, crackers and candy available as well for purchase.  Unless a specific party states it is a potluck, there will *not* be other food available.
Can I bring my own food/drinks/water bottle into the Playhouse?
No. We do not allow outside drinks or water bottles AT ALL. If you have special dietary requirements or medical needs, other food/snacks may be allowed. Always check with us before bringing anything.
How can I become a Lifetime Contributor?
Lifetime Contributors were only available until our opening day. From time to time, we may offer that ability again or you may find one in an auction!
Can I bring my own toys?
YES! The Playhouse does not supply toys for you to play with. 
Can I bring my own alcohol to the Playhouse?
NO! Alcohol is never allowed in the Playhouse. If you bring some in anyway, you will be banned permanently – regardless of who you are.
Is there any play *not* allowed at the Playhouse?
Yes – currently we do not allow scat, watersports, vomit, animals, VR equipment, guns, car batteries, flame throwers, power tools (other than fuck saws) or breath play. This list may change at any time, without notice. If you have a question about the type of play you want to engage in, just ask – we don’t judge.
Is sex allowed at the Playhouse?
Yes! All we ask is a) it is consensual, b) you can help yourself to the condoms/lube we have available, and c) please clean up after yourself!
Are there any hotels nearby?
Check out the list we have posted here!
Who can I contact to have a party at the Playhouse?
Check this page out! We offer a variety of options for having parties, fundraisers, and classes! Due to the number of groups that hosts parties, be sure to look at the calendar carefully. We fill up about a year in advance.