What are people saying about the Baltimore Playhouse?  Take a look!

“I want you to know that the BPH is a VERY welcoming place with a lot of friendly people! I believe that you will feel very comfortable and will have a great time! I myself am new to the lifestyle and to public events! The BPH was the first place that I went out to since my separation two years go and I fell in love with the people and the place! It feels like HOME but better with the kink friendly atmosphere! I’m sure that any number of people will GLADLY “take you under their wing”! If you can’t find someone, which I highly doubt, just ask for me and I would be happy to show you around! Mind you that I myself have only been into the lifestyle and the BPH for a little over a month, but my experience has been nothing but positive!”
“You run a rocking dungeon and it is a fantastic space. Thank you to the organizers and volunteers!”
“We attended last night and had a terrific time. This was our first time at a BDSM club, and everyone was very nice to us. We were fortunate enough to be able to meet some some new friends there, who were extremely helpful. We brought some play gear (but forget to bring chains or rope or leather to connect her cuffs to the St. Andrew’s cross – darn!). Parking was a minor challenge, but the folks working that were helpful in directing us.”
“If we both didn’t have to work today, we would have stayed longer. We definitely intend to come again!”
“My husband & I were warmly welcomed last night at the Playhouse, our first time at an event! I felt a little bit like a creeper but we were so intrigued! We did a little play although I was feeling skittish so we mostly observed.”
“My husband and I’s first time at Baltimore Playhouse. It was amazing! We’re definitely going to become contributors and be back! Maybe even next weekend! :)”
“You people are nice and welcoming and the play space was everything I had hoped it would be.”
“I had a spectacular time also! It was my very first time in any sort of public play space, and I learned a great deal. I had a wonderful time with @Miss_Mo, and later in a private scene with new friends. I opened my horizons, learned about scene etiquette, and felt incredibly at home in the space.”
“I was most impressed with the professionalism of the play space.”
“Had a blast last night, as always. So much praise to the staff/volunteers who keep the Playhouse up and running. This summer has been a life changer!”

Just wanted to pass on what great customer service i received last night!  Having a parking attendant is just wonderful. And the guy who does it is great at it. Efficient and courteous.

But most impressive was the service i received from Gxxx. She helped me get situated, find the best place for me to set up, moving a couple of the bench seating pieces to accommodate me, and then asking a short while later if everything was OK? It was as if you told her that when she sees pxxxxxxxxx, “make sure he has everything he needs.” Very impressive!

And i worked in customer service for the airlines for 44 yrs, so i know all about customer service.

see you at the next event