Oh no, you’ve gotten a notice from the Baltimore Playhouse that you have been banned from the venue! What do you do now? Here is a simple FAQ for you, brought to you from questions from actual banned persons:

You can’t ban me – why are you violating my rights?

Coming to our establishment is a privlege, NOT a right. We have every right to ban anyone, at any time, for any reason.

What happens if I show up anyway?

You will be told to leave the premises. If you fail to leave, we will call the police and have you arrested for trespassing.

What did I do to get banned?

More than likely, you know *exactly* what you did. But here is a short list of possible reasons:

  • You outted someone on social media – linking their vanilla name with their scene name. This is an automatic permanent ban.
  • You have broken one of our clearly stated rules.
  • You have violated the consent of a member of our community.
  • You have been repeatedly told to stop doing ‘x’ and you keep doing ‘x’.
  • You have been stalking a member of our community.
  • You have been harassing a member of our community.
  • You have inappropiately touched a member of our community.
  • You blocked the Balto-Playhouse profile or either owner’s profile on Fetlife.
  • We don’t like the cut of your jib – in other words, because we wanted to. We don’t need to ever give you a reason.

Did someone complain about me? Who said something to you?

We do not disclose names and it is in your best interest to not assume either.

How am I going to learn to be better if you don’t tell me anything?

If we believe it is a misunderstanding, an issue with being new, or something that could be “fixed”, we would have given you a timeout instead of a ban and suggested some places to get educated. We have done this numerous times, mostly to great success.

What if I want to file a counter-complaint against the person I assume complained about me?

This is not a court of law. If you have a legitimate concern over a fellow community member, feel free to contact us with your concern. Be advised that it will not change your ban.

How do I get un-banned?

A lot of factors have to go into whether or not we unban someone. A lot of it depends on the reason (if you outed someone, you will NEVER be unbanned) and whether or not there has been restorative justice. But even then, we may never unban you.

Have you ever taken anyone off your banned list?

Yes, but it is extremely rare if that happens.

Is the list of banned peoples on the internet anywhere for me to see?

No – it is only in our lobby, and even that list doesn’t have everyone’s name on it because sadly, the number of problematic people in our community is larger than what our sign can hold.

How do I find out if a specific person is banned?

Ask. We’ll tell you if they are banned or not.