Pay It Forward!

We recognize that not everyone can afford to go to the skill shares we host at the Playhouse. We do not want education to be blocked by monetary concerns. Therefore, with the suggestion from one of our wonderful skill share hosts, we bring to you Pay It Forward! Anyone can donate, can direct where the donation goes and to whom if they so desire!

Using the link below, you can donate and in the ‘Notes’ section, right above the buy button, you can either:

A) Leave it blank and any donation will go to a pool for people to be able to use – or

B) Direct it to the pool of funds for a specific skill share by putting in either Tangled Up, Society of the Phoenix, or Nexus Skill Share – or

C) Direct it to a specific person by putting in their Fetlife name and/or email address (so we can tell them its there and we won’t say who donated)