Special Event

The next special event at the Playhouse is ….

April 19th,  2023
6:30pm – 9:00pm

Rope Bottoming From Two Perspectives: East & West

Featuring Ayame & Violet

MC Kinbakuartistmiki

Talking points w/ Q&A

Ayame & Violet’s experience through their rope journey.
The rope communities in the East and West.

Different play approaches from East and West (ie. negotiation, relationships, intimacy, style, rope used, etc)



A Japanese rope bottom based in Shanghai, China.
Ayame started her rope/shibari journey in 2012. She had opportunities to model for Yukimura Haruki’s private classes at the early stage of her journey, it inspired her to think about emotional intimacy when two people tie together. As an organizer and translator, she opened the first Shibari Studio in Mainland China StudioK with LAODAI in 2018. They hosted Subay(2018), Murasaki Haruan(2018), Avalon(2018), Hajime Kinoko(2018), Shin Nawakiri(2018), Ren Yagami(2018), Jukei Kamui(2019), Tessin Doyama(2019), Marc(2020) etc. She believes that rope is free and every rope bottom deserves a happy shibari experience.


Violet found rope early in her kink journey back in 2015. Unlike other kinks, it touched her in unexpected and transformative ways and she considers it these days to be an intentional and intimate dialogue between two people. As a bottom, she has attended multiple workshops, intensives and private classes from instructors from USA, Europe and Asia, including Naka Akira and Iroha Shizuki, Kanna San and Kagura, KinbakuLuxuria, Tenma Haru and Reika, Gorgone, Subay, Mynx and Atelier Simonet. She is now on a journey to hone her skills in rope as a top.


6:30pm Doors open

7:00pm – 8:30pm Introductions by MC Miki, Talk w/ Q&A w/ Violet and Ayame

8:30pm-8:45pm Final thoughts