Special Event

The next special event at the Playhouse is ….

May 14th, at 4pm!

We will be celebrating the ten year anniversary of HotHouse on May 14, 2022, at the Baltimore Playhouse!

We hope to see all our veteran attendees come back out to help us celebrate. Y’all have helped make this event what it is, and we miss you!

The link to buy advance tickets is live! Will remain open until Friday, May 13, after which time you will need to pay at the door. Click HERE.

As of April 1, 2022, masks are no longer required at the Playhouse. HotHouse will require up to date vaccination and boosters of all attendees, and will make a decision about our mask policy in early May.

More info to come soon about schedule, but we’re planning a full day of activities and of course, play opportunities! Doors will open at 4:00 PM and we’ve been approved to bring back our traditional potluck so you do not have to leave for dinner unless you want to.

The event listing is public, and each RSVP will be approved (or not) by HotHouse hosts @WildRainbow and @fiercefemme. We do not police your identity, and if we do not know you and you do not identify as queer in some way, you will receive a message asking about your interest in our party. If you’re not out yet, or plan to accompany a friend, just explain your situation! We welcome curious newbies and at the same time need to do what we can to make a safer space for our attendees. We appreciate your cooperation and respect as we navigate this process. The Baltimore Playhouse has given us their full support in curating our RSVP list in this way.

Please see our group post about this party!