The next special event at the Playhouse is ….


HotHouse: Slumber Party!

May 11th, 2019!

Join Baltimore’s Hottest Queers for a slumber party themed night of kinky fuckery. Wear whatever makes you feel comfy and/or sexy, bring your favorite pillow, and let’s see what naughtiness might unfold. We’ll have a few classic sleepover activities occurring, like Twister, mani/pedi station, trashy mags, and of course lots of snacks.

This is a play party! We are NOT actually sleeping over at the Playhouse. Just to be clear.

This event is for all kinky queers and strong allies, from the brand-new or just curious, to advanced kinksters. We have something for everyone, and hope to see you all there! If you are new, please be sure to let our greeters know so they can point out your hosts; we like to get to know all the folks.

Further clarification: HotHouse is run by queers, for queers. As a public event, though, anyone who RSVPs on time and abides by the rules of the Playhouse may attend, even if they don’t have a “queer card.” We hope that people will consider their attendance at a queer event carefully and stay home if this party isn’t for you. Folks of all gender expressions and orientations may attend, and anyone not following rules or making others feel unsafe will be asked to leave. Party hosts and Playhouse staff will be available throughout the party to address any issues that may arise.

Please bring contributions to the potluck dinner and communal snack table so we can have munchies all night long!

Interested in volunteering? Send us a private message.

Schedule (subject to change):

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm : “Munch” — community potluck dinner! Bring a dish (labeled with ingredients) and meet HotHouse hosts and attendees while fueling up for a long evening of fun and frolic.

9:00-9:30 : Speed Meeting! Like speed dating, but with less pressure. You will not have to identify any particular way to participate in this event. Top, bottom, switch, unsure, jaded, etc. All are welcome and will be mixed up together. You’ll get 2-3 minutes per person to meet a new face and possibly make a connection. You decide what kind of connection! Even if your play styles don’t match up, perhaps you will make a new friend! Speed meeting starts promptly at 9:00. Plan to be in a chair by 8:55 to make sure you get a seat. Once speed meeting begins, we will NOT allow others to join. Please be prompt!

Tickets: Prices are different for pre-paid and pay-at-the-door and for members vs non-members. Pre-paid tickets are $15 for members and $20 for guests. Click this link to buy your tickets! At the door, members will pay $25 and guests are $35.

RSVPs are required for ALL participants.

We are seeking volunteers in exchange for a comp to the party!! Jobs include, set up and break down assist, greeter in the lobby and QM’s (queer monitors) who are specifically there to make sure that creepers aren’t creeping and solo folks are getting talked to.