The next special event at the Playhouse is ….



December 1st, 2018!


We are coming together again this year for the Holiday! Together we are putting on the Holiday music, letting our hair down, and having a night of fun. This is what community is about. We invite you to join us.

Participating Groups (You do not have to be a member of any group to join us!)

If you would like your group to be a participating group all you have to do is message me.

Wall of Paddles!

Participating groups are also invited to bring a paddle with their name/logo/design on it. It can be any paddle you want. The wall of paddles is kept up all year round. So you can leave your paddle of take it with you! (you must be a participating group to hang a paddle)

We will have vendors for your Holiday Shopping. That’s right, so if you are looking for a few kinky items as gifts this season this is the place to find them. Confirmed so far we have!

Door Prize
We will have some great door prizes!

Sensation Stations!
We will have stations set up for those looking to try a new type of play, or those who do not have a partner.

(If you would like to run a station please message me)

Every good party has a good buffet. We need everyone to bring a dish. Our D-types to keep up their strength and as you know s-types need something to munch after a good scene. We need savory NOT sweet!


  • If you would like to participate or volunteer to help bring this party together please message Bear’s Carol.

We will be collecting donations for Blessing Bags 2018! Every donation helps!

Click here to learn more Blessing Bags 2016

Baltimore Playhouse Rules
We encourage everyone to visit BPH website and read over their rules. —>Click here

This event was organized by Just Hanging Out In Delaware the party is open to everyone except those banned by JHOD or The Baltimore Playhouse.