Terms and Conditions

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This is a NON-PROFIT SOCIAL CLUB for the Baltimore Playhouse contributors

[and their invited guests] only.

I certify that:

  1. I am an adult 19 years old or older and not a member of any law enforcement agency in an official capacity.
  2. I understand that the Baltimore Playhouse holds sexually explicit events.
  3. I understand that I may see nude or seminude adults engaging in live acts of the nature described, including vaginal and anal penetration.
  4. I am not offended by any of this conduct. I am interested in seeing, hearing and participating in these activities for my own enjoyment and entertainment and for the enjoyment and entertainment of others in attendance and as an avenue of my own personal sexual expression.
  5. I am freely and voluntarily choosing to join and, at my discretion participate in these activities. If I participate in any activity at this event it will be because I have freely and voluntarily chosen to participate in that activity and because my partner(s) in that activity have freely and voluntarily chosen to participate in the activity with me. No one is forcing me or threatening me in any way. I understand that I may stop participating in any activity at any time and that I am free to leave at any time. Also, I can notify an event staff personnel who will assist me at any time.
  6. If, while attending this event or participating in any activity at this event, I am touched, hit, penetrated, spanked, etc., it is because I have specifically requested and freely and voluntarily consented to these acts being performed on me.
  7. I also understand and agree that, without the expressed written permission of the management, any device that records and/or transmits any audio or image, still or motion, is strictly prohibited. I agree that my possession or use of any prohibited device constitutes criminal trespass subject to prosecution and/or civil suit to the fullest extent of the law. I further understand and agree that the possession and/or use of any such device shall cause the device to be confiscated and destroyed by the management, its staff, and/or agent on their behalf. I further agree that my family and associates and employer shall hold the management, its staff, and/or its agent, individually and/or collectively, blameless and not liable for any situation, incident, or cost resulting from said confiscation and destruction. I understand that in the Baltimore Playhouse, discretion is of paramount importance, and by agreeing to join the Baltimore Playhouse I agree to a search of my person and property whenever requested by the management for possible hidden prohibited devices in their possession.
  8. Finally, I understand that admission to these contributorships is strictly limited to adults like me who share these opinions, interests and beliefs.
I  affirm that I am 19 years or over for a Baltimore Playhouse contributorship, have read the Playhouse Contributorship page and Playhouse Rules, and agree to abide to the Playhouse Contributorship and Playhouse Rules.
Photo ID will be required for admission. In addition I affirm that I am not gaining entry to this event as a member, in an official capacity, of the police or any news organization.