New Covid-19 Update

We continue to keep a very close eye on all of the developments regarding Covid-19 and the steps being taken to keep folks safe during this time.

We are cancelling all events through the month of May. And we fully expect for this to continue past May too. We’ll take things a month at a time until we learn more.

Governor Hogan has released a plan to slowly reopen things back up contingent on several factors. As a general recap, there needs to be a 14 day window of decreasing amount of new cases reported. Once that happens, there is a 3 phase plan to reopen but each phase will be done slowly. We might qualify to be able to open in a limited capacity with the second phase but most likely, we’ll be part of the third phase.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel for a return to a ‘new’ normality. However, it will take time and it won’t happen during the month of May. If we’re lucky and things proceed well, we might reach Phase 2 and 3 during the month of June. I have some optimism that we’ll reach Phase 3 and things will be safe enough to reopen by July 1. However, this is only my opinion on the situation and is purely speculation on my part.

So, continue to stay safe for yourself and your loved ones during this time. We’ll be ready to move forward just as soon as it’s safe enough to do so!

Thank you!

Update – Covid 19

We extended out closed date to the end of April. We will update on further closing as things go on. We hope that everyone is staying home, staying safe, and staying healthy!

If you wish to help the Playhouse at this time, you are free to donate or get your Contributorship! We’re also going to be opening up the Lifetime Contributorships for the month of April!


We are currently closed due to the epidemic, in accordance with the Governor’s orders. We will reopen as soon as the restrictions are lifted from the state.

Thank you for continuing your support!

Something new is coming!

Keep an eye out for a new annual event that will be coming up on May 18th. You won’t want to miss out!

A new skill share is starting up in January – practice with your whip, learn to throw it better, help teach others! Starting January 24th!

Old West Bordello!

Check out our next special event! TheLovingOne and her posse (famous for their Sadism Sex Cult) are riding into town to give you that Old West Bordello feel!

More details HERE!

Snack bar updates!

Along with the spiffy new galaxy class snack bar, we’ve added the option to pay by credit card there as well! No need to carry cash at all anymore!

Have you heard?

We’re getting ready for our free party for all our current Contributors! Make sure you get in on this fun night!